Russell Chatham Original Lithographs & Etchings

Russell Chatham Original LithographsTo describe Russell Chatham is to say that for him art is a way of life. He is fully at ease with his role as a translator of the world around him . . . and his art reflects his deep sense of harmony, mystery, vitality and beauty . . . and a fascination with the effects of the changing light and the silent, spiritual aspects of landscape. A master in the art of lithography, he uses as many as 50 separate plates and ink shades in creating one lithograph, consuming up to 180 hours of the artist’s and printer’s time. Throughout the production of each lithograph, Chatham is totally involved in every phase of the process, beginning with the hand drawing of each plate. Every combination creating the subtle color shadings and tonalities requires that Chatham meticulously choose each ink and approve each color as it is transferred from the plate to the special lithographic paper. As one of the world’s major specialists in original works by Russell Chatham, our collection encompasses all the periods of this artist’s works, including his rare vintage lithographs. All the pieces we offer are in mint pristine condition. We also specialize in Russell Chatham paintings.